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About Us

Our Vision

We are a community of market participants that believe in a regenerative future, where commodity markets value natural resources and human rights.


We are developing an open-source framework for describing commodities’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) footprints in addition to their physical attributes. Our goal is to accelerate the proliferation of other sustainable commodity standards by 2030.


The project is an open-source public good. We are housed by One Earth, a not-for-profit organization working to accelerate climate action. Available without charge and license-free, the CGP welcomes contributions, as this collective effort is designed to contribute to the global commons, empowering a better future for us all.

Supporting the Broader Standards Ecosystem

The CGP description framework is not a methodology or assessment framework. It does not classify commodities as having a high or low intensity, nor dictate what constitutes good or bad production practices. Instead, it provides a common language such that others can design new standards, accounting practices and certifications more quickly. 


The CGP provides a framework for describing any given unit of commodity production. It provides common language that helps describe physical attributes (e.g., purity), contextual attributes (e.g., location of origin) and, crucially, ESG attributes (e.g., water intensity, GHG emissions, labour rights). 

Our Impact

Establishing such a “lingua franca” lays a substrate from which new, differentiated commodity products can be created.


This empowers supply chains and markets to differentiate and value commodities according to how they are produced, driving capital toward more sustainable production practices, reflecting desirable ESG-oriented attributes like those outlined in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


In turn, accurate price signals and greater liquidity will accelerate advances in environmental monitoring systems, smart contracts, standards and certification organizations, and sustainability reporting frameworks. This digital ESG value chain can collectively spur the data-driven transformation of global markets.

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